Still looking for a charity to support this year? 

This is the time of year when many Americans contemplate giving back — and not coincidentally, it’s also the time of year when nonprofits and charities of all stripes send out solicitations for donations. The National Center for Charitable Statistics counts more than 1.5 million tax-exempt organizations in the United States, so finding the right fit for your giving might seem challenging. Here are a few insights from experts in charitable giving and philanthropy that will help guide you towards making a meaningful donation.

Probably the most important thing for donors is aligning the causes they give to with their own values, passions and interests. That’s what leads to sustained engagement with a cause which will help your giving become more intentional and deepen your relationship with a given charity.

Decide if you want to make an impact nationally or globally

This is a tough one. In today’s world, we have many donors that want to make a difference in their own backyard, but they also want to have an impact nationally or globally.

Many people like the idea of donating to a local charity because they feel that their dollars would have more of an impact in a smaller organization. Sometimes looking towards organizations that don’t have the marketing dollars to broaden their reach — those are great organizations to support. Wherever you want to make a difference, that’s a good thing.

One option is not to view the “national versus local” consideration as an either-or question. In some areas, especially the international arena, a smaller gift can go a long way in terms of bringing services to a poor community.

Here at Tell-Giving, we help nonprofits fundraise unrestricted, sustainable dollars through the workplace and we help employers achieve their giving, engagement, and social impact goals. We do this to bring more resources to the nonprofits that are changing our nation for the better.